the Furstenzug …

Dresden, Germany, travel

Dresden, Germany, travel

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Where …

On Augustusstrasser, in the heart of Dresden

When …

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 3.30pm

What …

… Dresden’s mural wall — officially called the Furstenzug — with more than 23,000 Meissen tiles telling the story of Saxony’s ruling family.

It’s 102m long, making it the largest porcelain artwork in the world, and it survived the inferno started by the binning of Dresden in February 1945 because the tiles had already been fired so could withstand the soaring temperatures of the flies that engulfed the city.

It is located on the outer wall of the royal palace’s stables and features the portraits of the 35 notables — dukes, kings, princes — that lead the House of Wettin between 1127 and 1904.

The noblemen are accompanied by foot soldiers and other emissaries and the name of each ruler is inscribed below his black-and-white image.

Dresden, Germany, travel

Visit the official Dresden tourism website

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