… Vietnamese food …

Lunch at the Rex Hotel in Saigon. Pic Sarah Nicholson


During the eight days we spent in Vietnam, where the top three holiday activities were eating, drinking and shopping, there was one meal that’s worth a special mention.

It was my birthday dinner on January 1 and it consisted of real Vietnamese spring rolls and lime juice at my favourite spot on the roof of the Rex Hotel Saigon and then a coconut delight drink – an icy blend of coconut milk, banana and pineapple juice – and a slice of Vietnamese coffee cheesecake at the Highland Cafe on Le Thanh Ton Street.

One word…yum!

Vietnamese coffee cheesecake and a coconut delight at the Highland Cafe. Pic Sarah Nicholson

There were a few other dining experiences that rated an honourable mention.

Dinner at Brothers Cafe in Hoi An (the food was good but the location was great with the restaurant set in an old French villa on the bank of Thu Bon River), lunch at Morning Glory also in Hoi An (you can eat traditional street food without the hazards of actually eating street food), the perfect orange (purchased from a nice lady selling her harvest on a Saigon street), and every glass of juice consumed while in the country (you don’t need beer when the fruit is so sweet).


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