HOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR LUGGAGE LANDS WHEN YOU DO ARE you one of those savvy travellers who can cram everything needed for a trip into a carry-on bag? Or do you prefer bundling a bit more stuff into the suitcase you check at departures and retrieve from the luggage carousel at your destination? You’re notContinue reading “INSIDER – NO LUGGAGE LAG”


There are so many ships heading to Australia during the coming cruise season, but which one is right for you SHIPS TO CRUISE AUSTRALIA THE countdown to the 2019-20 Australian cruise season has officially started and there’s a flotilla ready to deploy Down Under during the Southern Hemisphere summer. Anyone considering a cruise holiday hasContinue reading “CRUISE – AUSTRALIA”


EUROPE’S OTHER CITIES BARGAIN hunters on your marks, it’s early-bird season. It’s the time of the year when airlines zooming to Europe offer cheap seats which can save travellers looking to get away between March and October hundreds of dollars. But instead of buying a ticket to an old favourite, like London or Paris, takeContinue reading “INSPIRATION – EUROPE”


GO WITH ANNUAL TRAVEL INSURANCE ARE you one of those people that rush around in the hectic hours before starting a holiday nailing down last-minute details that seem to evade attention until departure is imminent? Ringing the bank to let them know the credit card will be used in faraway lands, storming the chemist toContinue reading “INSIDER – INSURANCE”


Rail Plus announces its top five train journeys for 2019 RIDE THE RAILS ON TOP TRAINS THE team at Rail Plus has come up with a list of the top train trips for travellers to do in 2019 and while there are a couple of old favourites on the list there’s also a fab newContinue reading “INSIDER – TOP TRAINS”


INSURANCE FOR SENIORS THERE’S a cruel conundrum that strikes mature travellers. Though seniors have the time, inclination, freedom and funds to roam into their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s, it can be a challenge securing travel insurance. Some companies flat-out refuse coverage and others inflict costs that climb even when the most common pre-existingContinue reading “INSIDE – INSURANCE”


EXPERT TRAVELLERS SHARE TOP HACKS LET’S face it, travelling can be a challenge, but those who hit the road regularly have it down to a fine art. They know the websites to consult when organising places to stay, how to stay healthy, what currencies to carry, the apps to use, and who to ask toContinue reading “INSIDER – TRAVEL HACKS”


SKY-HIGH HYDRATION Crawling from an aircraft after an arduous long-haul flight feeling like death warmed up and spending the next few days blaming jet lag for every debilitating symptom from lethargy and headaches to burning eyes and constipation. But, more often than not, the culprit is simple dehydration brought on by spending hours at altitudeContinue reading “INSIDER – FLYING HEALTH”


QF’S NEW LONG-HAUL MENU A HERBAL tea blend created especially for Qantas is just one of the menu items ready for passengers travelling on the Flying Kangaroo’s new non-stop flights between Perth and London. The Dreamliner 787 menu has been created to increase hydration, encourage sleep and help reduce jet lag for those embarking onContinue reading “NEWS – QANTAS CATERING”


MAKE A SLEEP-FRIENDLY SUITE HAVE you ever wondered how much thought goes into the design of a hotel room? FIRST up there are basic things like the size and shape of the space, which are the domain of the architect drawing up the plans, before the interior designer considers important issues like the selection and placementContinue reading “INSIDER – HOTELS”

Numbers show Air NZ service …

AIR New Zealand is beginning the next financial year by looking back at customer data from the past 12 months and revealing some interesting insights into guest travel preferences. The Kiwi carrier, which operates around 176,000 flights every year to facilitate more than 15 million customer journeys, took care of its youngest fliers by issuingContinue reading “Numbers show Air NZ service …”

Why hotel beds are so darn good …

IF you ask me to recommend my favourite hotels in Saigon, Santa Barbara and Barcelona I will rattle off three properties with great beds. Sure, each address boasts a panoramic location, fabulous bars and restaurants, amiable staff ready to satisfy a guest’s every whim, peaceful day spas and marvellous swimming pools, but my favourite featureContinue reading “Why hotel beds are so darn good …”


PRIVATE ISLAND PAMPERING DREAMING of jetting off to a private island where butlers cater to your every need and empty palm-fringed beaches wait outside your bungalow door? While supreme luxury comes at a cost – North Island’s “standard” presidential villas are priced about $4600 a person, a night, in 2016 – it is possible toContinue reading “INSIDER – PRIVATE ISLANDS”