Stretch out that Switzerland itinerary to squeeze in a few hidden gems with this charismatic corner of the Continent home to more than just the sightseeing superstars that get all the glory SEE SOME SWISS MADE TREASURES SWITZERLAND is home to some cultural treasures that are world famous. Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge, the annual Montreux JazzContinue reading “VISIT – SWITZERLAND”


Rail Plus announces its top five train journeys for 2019 RIDE THE RAILS ON TOP TRAINS THE team at Rail Plus has come up with a list of the top train trips for travellers to do in 2019 and while there are a couple of old favourites on the list there’s also a fab newContinue reading “INSIDER – TOP TRAINS”


Don’t ski? Don’t worry … Switzerland, the pioneer of winter tourism, has all sorts of winter activities for non-skiers. SWISS WINTER FUL FOR ALL SWITZERLAND Tourism shares seven experiences travellers should consider during a visit during the colder months. CHRISTMAS MARKETS From Zurich — home to Europe’s largest indoor Christmas market — to Basel where fairy-tale dollars are usedContinue reading “VISIT – WINTERTIME SWITZERLAND”

Swiss hit …

CHEESE, chocolate and banking come to mind when Zurich is suggested as a holiday destination. But there’s more to this sophisticated Swiss settlement than guidebook stereotypes, with the city home to an enviable food scene, glorious summer days and white winters, an established art and design community and an assortment of world-class festivals. And, for a place seen toContinue reading “Swiss hit …”

Geneva’s festival …

GOOD luck, rather than good management, has put me in Geneva on the weekend of the Swiss city’s biggest celebration. The Escalade is three days of non-stop festivities that commemorate and celebrate the night in 1602 when the residents of Geneva’s walled city repelled an attack by the Duke of Savoy. The Duke wanted toContinue reading “Geneva’s festival …”

Pleasantest sensation …

FREYA Stark, the British explorer who was one of the first women to do this travel-writing thing, once said “to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”. There’s a good chance Ms Stark was in some exotic Middle Eastern location when she made the now-famous statementContinue reading “Pleasantest sensation …”