The list of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World welcomes The Havannah Vanuatu VANUATU’S NEW NAT GEO ONE of the South Pacific’s most exclusive addresses is the newest name on the list of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World with The Havannah Vanuatu joining the esteemed register on the eve of its 10thContinue reading “HOTEL – THE HAVANNAH VANUATU”


PRIVATE ISLAND PAMPERING DREAMING of jetting off to a private island where butlers cater to your every need and empty palm-fringed beaches wait outside your bungalow door? While supreme luxury comes at a cost – North Island’s “standard” presidential villas are priced about $4600 a person, a night, in 2016 – it is possible toContinue reading “INSIDER – PRIVATE ISLANDS”

Hotels with history …

THERE’S a trend in Melbourne – well, a mini trend, at least – with the Victorian capital’s newest hotels moving into territory that once served a different purpose. The shiny new Sheraton Melbourne Hotel (below) sits on the Little Collins St site of the bygone Naval and Military Club, a 127-year-old institution that once counted SirContinue reading “Hotels with history …”

Espiritu Santo …

Where …  Oyster Island, Vanuatu When …  November 6, 2009 What …  Oyster Island sits just off the coast of Espiritu Santo, the Vanuatu island that was the second largest Allied base in the Pacific during World War Two. There were four or five airstrips on Santo during the Second War, with one of theContinue reading “Espiritu Santo …”