NATURE LOVING AT BUSHMANS KLOOF I HAVE seen some spectacular sunsets during the 16,237 days spent on the planet so far but none compare to tonight’s presentation. I’m standing in the manicured gardens at Bushmans Kloof, the elegant outpost in South Africa’s wild Cederberg Mountains a three-hour drive from Cape Town, and the windswept sky isContinue reading “VISIT – BUSHMANS KLOOF”


SABI SABI SAFARI HEAVYNESS giggles mischievously when I ask him the story behind his first name. The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve tracker holds his hands in front of his chest and slumps, pretending to be carrying something substantial, and tells me his mother settled on the name when she held him for the firstContinue reading “VISIT – SABI SANDS”

South African sunset …

THE view from a window in my comfy picture-perfect cottage at Bushmans Kloof reveals that after a red-sky at night it was a red sky this morning. The days start early here with guests waking up at dawn to join a drive into the heart of the Cederberg Mountains, surrounding the isolated lodge, to enjoyContinue reading “South African sunset …”