Table with a view …

THIS is the table I occupied at breakfast this morning.

I took a magazine to read while I enjoyed my bacon and eggs, but I didn’t even get to the first page as the view was far more interesting than anything inside my glossy travel publication.

The sun doesn’t rise here until a little after 8am, with the soft pink of the dawn hanging in the sky for another hour or so, and this morning the pastel shade was still hovering near the horizon as I ate.

Food is a highlight of a Club Med stay, with an extensive buffet served three times a day, and it isn’t hard to spend a couple of hours lingering over a meal and talking to the staff who came from all over the world to work at the new holiday resort.

There are four dining rooms at Club Med Valmorel, one decorated in honour of each season, and this room is an ode to summer.

And I can only imagine what the view must be like in the warm months when the alpine pastures are covered in a carpet of wildflowers.

Visit the Club Med Valmorel website

… posted December 9, 2011photography by Sarah Nicholson


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