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Visiting Perth’s Fremantle...
WELCOME to Perth, home of the big blue sky.

I spent my first full day in Fremantle enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, strolling the streets remembering what I love about this place.

Freo was one of Australias first settlements, so the streets stretching back from the busy port are still clogged with colonial-style architecture that adds some very elegant facades to the quiet streets.

There is no shortage of wrought-iron flourishes, arched windows and second-level balconies above the footpaths.

I had French toast and a fruit drink for brunch in the loft of a vintage terrace house, found my way to the back corner of the Fremantle Market where I used to buy the best banana smoothie on earth, watched a container ship pushback from the wharf and head out into the Indian Ocean while sipping a soy latte in an historic waterside warehouse, and searched for old titles in Freo’s assortment of second-hand bookshops.

I even had time for a little shopping and browsed the stores in High Street where local designers have set up between the art galleries, bookshops, home-wear stores and design emporiums that flank the footpath.

Visit the Perth website

… posted Friday, April 6, 2012photography by Sarah Nicholson


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