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THERE are not a lot of options when it comes to accommodation in a little spot like Walhalla.

The Star Hotel offers pub-style digs, there are a couple of B&Bs around the place, and those who really want a rustic experience can stay in the shack above the railway station that doesn’t have electricity or hot water.

We spent our one night in Walhalla staying at the Mill House, the historic property recently renovated by two of the hamlet’s more hospitable residents, and it was a delight to sleep on one of the historic destination’s oldest buildings.

The Mill House, which sits on a shelf halfway up the steep slope opposite the vintage rotunda, is the only original miner’s cottage available for rent in Walhalla and the story goes that the manager of the mill that once sat in Stringers Park just across the road used to live in the dwelling.

Owners Scott and Jason – they also run the Wild Cherry B&B further up the hill – have done their research since buying the house a couple of years ago and discovered, during the renovation process, that the floor in the main room is a local hardwood made at the old timber mill.

Visit The Mill House website

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