Colours of Kas …

Turkey travel ... exploring the colours of Kas


ALL you need to enjoy a lazy day in Kas is a chair and a balcony to put it on.

But make sure that balcony has a view of the water – that’s not hard, as most of the hotels in this tourist town are perched on the hills that rise from the Mediterranean to the rocky cliffy behind the busy harbour – and you will be ready for a day doing nothing more than watching the sun move across the sky.

Kas in Turkey...

I’m in Kas for two nights, with one lazy day in between to do nothing but look at the view, and I am really appreciating being back on the coast after spending days in the dry of central Turkey.

Everything in Cappadocia was the colour of dust but in this Mediterranean village where every building has white walls and a terracotta roof the sky and sea are two vibrant shades of blue while the flowers growing on the bushes that cover almost every facade are a thrilling shade of hot pink.

Just to keep myself entertained I snapped photos from my vantage point in a hotel high above the rocky coastline to capture the colours of the Mediterranean as the sun climbed into the sky and then began the slow descent back to the horizon.

And I didn’t stop taking pics when the sun disappeared from view with the fiery hues of sunset lingering in the western sky and a big moon rising over the Mediterranean.

There’s not much going on in Kas during the day as most people come here to catch boats to private bays along the rugged coastline where they can swim on the Med and dive on ancient ruins submerged by long-ago earthquakes.

But that’s a whole lot more than just a few years ago when visitors needed to catch boats to the Greek Island sitting a stone’s throw offshore to buy something to eat.

Now the residents of that Greek island have visas stamped in their passports so they can travel to this town on the Turkish mainland to shop at the bustling Friday market.


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