Eveleigh the place to be …



A TRIO of Australians opened Eveleigh on the Sunset Strip in California’s West Hollywood back in 2010 with the restaurant winning rave reviews from locals and visitors alike in the years since.

The restaurant is now such a local icon, consistently doing it’s own thing rather than trying to set trends in a district that sees new businesses endeavouring to outshine the old, that Eveleigh is a neighbourhood favourite amongst those that appreciate a good meal.

The building, which originally served as a humble house sitting at the heart of a Los Angeles orchard, is nothing fancy but the rustic flea-market interior adds a smart but simple elegance to this culinary destination that is dark and intimate in the hours after the sun sets on southern California.

The Eveleigh’s philosophy is simple – “let the food speak for itself” – and during our evening visit we let the waiter order for our group of 10 travel writers and tourism PRs with the kitchen sending out a selection of starters and mains before finishing with dessert samplers.

The grilled Monterey squid and lamb meatballs are highlights, as is the stewed-fruit crumble that’s placed at my end of the table for dessert, with the chefs using seasonal ingredients on offer at the local farmers’ markets.

Visit the Eveleigh website

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