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NOVEMBER has been a big month for the airlines with a second carrier unveiling an innovative cabin upgrade.

First Singapore Airlines previewed the four cabin categories that will be introduced next month when the brand starts upgrading its A380 fleet, and now Emirates has wowed the aviation community with a new-look interior for its 777s.

All three cabins – first, business and economy – will be refitted in the million-dollar upgrade which includes the addition of “newly-designed seats and upgraded in-flight entertainment systems”.

The rework also sees the introduction of new first-class suites that will be private, feature floor-to-ceiling doors and sleek design features inspired by the Mercedes S-Class, and be positioned in a spacious one-one-one configuration.


“The new 777 interiors is part of Emirates’ ongoing investment to continually raise the bar and exceed our customers’ expectations,” explains the airline’s president Tim Clark.

“Aside from our new fully enclosed private suites business class features our latest fully-flat seats with personal minibar, economy seats have adjustable full leather headrests, and the in-flight entertainment system has been upgraded for all cabin classes.

“Throughout the aircraft customers will see modern and airy cabins with painstaking attention to detail evident in design touches such as the textured wall and ceiling panels, lighting features, and more.”

First class

The new 777 first-class cabin promises a fresh colour scheme of soft greys, cream and champagne used to suggest an open feel with enough space for passengers to change in the privacy of their suite even after the bed has been made.

The leather seat reclines into a fully-flat position that can also be placed in a “zero-gravity position” that was inspired by NASA technology to guarantee a comfortable journey.

To ensure every customer has a room with a view the airline will introduce the industry’s first virtual windows for those suites located in the middle of the cabin and the outer positions have binoculars “for customers who want to explore the sky outside their windows”.

A video-call function lets those flying in this part of the plane can easily communicate with cabin crew and a service window means drinks and dinner can be served without disruption.

Business class

The design and shape of the business-class stall on the new 777 is also inspired by the interior of a modern sports car with a diamond stitch pattern on the leather cover, ergonomic headrest, and a sleek aesthetic.

The seat has 72 inches of pitch and settles into a fully-flat position for slumber as well as touchscreen controls for both the chair and in-flight entertainment, a selection of personal lighting options, privacy panels between positions, a shoe storage area, footrest, and a personal minibar.


Economy class

The economy cabin will feature a colour palette of soft greys and blues and the ergonomically-designed seats come with full leather headrests that have flexible side panels as well as the ability to be adjusted vertically to guarantee maximum support.

Every passenger in the plane will also have access to a new generation of Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system called “ice” with improved image quality, ultra-wide viewing angles, a capacitive touchscreen, LED backlight, and full HD display.

Visit the Emirates website

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