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THE logistics involved in planning a trip may seem tedious but there are plenty of online travel tools to help search, compare and book the best flights, hotels and holiday package deals without having to do a lot of legwork.

The team at Webjet — Australia’s largest online travel agent — has provided an insider’s guide including tips and tools that will help find the best deal and in the easiest way possible.

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Consider alternative airports

Airfares can be much more expensive when flying into large international airports, usually due to airport taxes and airline capacity, so try comparing flights to second-tier airports surrounding your desired end destination.

You could save several hundred dollars by flying into Amsterdam instead of London and the savings will more than cover your ground transportation.

Break up a long-haul flight

Rather than booking one return long-haul flight it may work out cheaper to book multiple one-way flights, and this is also a fantastic way to see another city at a small cost.

If you’re flying from Sydney to Europe booking as a one way from Sydney to Hong Kong or Singapore, and then another one way to the destination, may work out significantly cheaper and particularly if choosing local budget airlines.

Mix ‘n’ match flights

If you are flying within Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and some South-East Asian countries you can often save more by flying one airline on your departing flight and selecting a different airline on your return journey with these cheap flights commonly referred to as mix ‘n’ match flights.

Given flight prices can fluctuate while you are researching and browsing across sites the Webjet guarantees the price of your flight — along with any hotel, car rental or travel insurance booked at the same time — for up to 30 minutes allowing you to compare as many deals as you please.

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Plan ahead

Cheap airline tickets always sell first rewarding organised travellers.

One way to monitor cheap airfares ahead of time is Webjet’s Deal Finder with this tool showing cheap airfares every day, up to six months in advance, for both international and domestic flights.

If there is a cheaper fare available on a different day, or with a different airline, you can find it using the Deal Finder.

Be open to new places

 If you have a budget to stick to but no particular destination in mind, Webjet’s Where Can I Go service will be your new favourite tool and features a slider which you can specify maximum money and receive options for all the destinations that fall within it so there are no temptations outside of your budget.


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