Two’s A Crowd has made plans for those travelling sans a partner to see Fiji in 2019


ATTENTION solo travellers, Two’s A Crowd has just announced arrangements that will have you seeing Fiji in style.

The Melbourne-based agency has reserved an entire ship to host a solo-only cruise around the Fijian islands in September 2019.

During the eight-day journey travellers will cruise on board a Captain Cook Cruises Fiji vessel to complete what’s been described as a “cultural tour” through the Yasawa Islands to Ovalau Island.

A visit to Levuka is one of the activities on the schedule, with time to explore this unusual settlement that was once the Fijian capital, while swimming in the Bouma Waterfall’s lagoon on Taveuni and a stop at a volcanic crater near Savusavu also on the Fijian Escape itinerary.

Two’s a Crowd founder Ken Morgan says that while Fiji is a location often
reserved for couples, friends travelling together and young families it’s also an ideal spot for those roaming sans a mate in search of some sun.

“We find solo travellers can feel uncomfortable going to a place where they are surrounded by loved-up couples or children,” he says.

“In the past the islands of Fiji have largely catered for those two demographics, while solo travellers have been ignored, but Fiji is a truly spectacular country and the people are so warm and inviting that it’s a shame for solo travellers to miss seeing it.

“Our tours bring like-minded travellers together to enjoy the best places the world has to offer.”

Two’s a Crowd is a boutique Australian travel agency, specialising in small and charter tours for solo holidaymakers, and all passengers get their own rooms with tours escorted by an Aussie tour host with local guides adding expertise on places included in the visits.

Fiji cruise for solo travellers

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