… Shangri-La Singapore …

Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing. Pics Sarah Nicholson


HOW do you tell the difference between a good luxury hotel and a great luxury hotel?

Seems the difference is in the details.

I checked into the Valley Wing at Shangri-La Singapore today, the most opulent accommodations in the luxury hotel and the place heads of state choose to stay when they’re visiting the island national to engage in a little diplomacy.

In fact, just as we were arriving the last member of the Indian Prime Minister’s team was leaving after spending a couple of days at the Shang Singapore on the way home from that conference in Bali that Obama attended after stopping in Australia.

And those details I was talking about – you have the pillow you specifically requested waiting for you on the bed, there is a cable to plug your iPod into the room’s speakers, and a television in the bathroom stops you getting bored while you’re soaking in the tub.

There was also a little box with a teapot and a couple of cups waiting on the table in the living room, and my butler served a hot drink while another staffer completed the check-in process in the comfort of my own suite.

And the most thoughtful item, personalised stationery in the desk drawer.


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