What GFC …



WHEN it comes to the financial side of life, things are pretty good in Singapore.

While the rest of the world is feeling like it’s just gone 10 rounds with Ali, and only now thinking about stepping back from a state of being alarmed to alert, Singapore in basking in the golden glow that comes with being a good place to do business and store cash.

When the bottom fell out of the global economy a few years ago the big boys parked their millions and billions in Singapore because they felt confident their bucks would still be around when they came looking.

I was talking to one restaurant owner, who also runs a couple of clubs around the city, and he told me that on a typical night there will be a couple of dozen millionaires in his place, each dropping a five-figure sum on the drinks alone.

Another way to tell that life is good on this pint-sized island is by casting an eye across the skyline.

Dozens of cranes reach towards the heavens in every direction, showing that developers can still get finance in this part of the world and people are eager to purchase the high-rise office and apartment towers they are throwing up on every vacant plot of land.


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… posted Saturday, November 19, 2011 photography by Sarah Nicholson

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