Introducing Hotel Jen
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SHANGRI-LA Hotels has added a new brand to its stable with Hotel Jen created to cater to the whims of the next generation of traveller.

Hotel Jen, pencilled in to replace the company’s established Traders brand, will offer “fresh, friendly and fuss-free” accommodation to the “millennials” just starting to influence trends in the travel trade as well as established customers loyal to Shangri-La properties.

“The Hotel Jen experience delivers what matters most to guests with a millennial mindset,” said Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts president Greg Dogan.

“They appreciate important things done well, demand quality, comfort and value, together with honest (and) authentic service, and want privacy and efficiency without unnecessary fuss or intrusion.

“The Traders brand has had a 25-year history of success in generating solid business, carving out a niche amidst a highly competitive industry and building a loyal base of customers.

“However, we are looking to the future and – based on extensive consumer research and insight into the way our target market lives and travels, including talking and listening to our customers – we are recognising and responding to the global travel trends and particular needs of this new generation traveller.

“This will keep us relevant and competitive for the next 20 years to come.”

The first address wearing the Hotel Jen name will open on September 15, with the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore (below) occupying a central location on the Lion City’s most famous shopping strip Orchard Road.

Technology will be a priority – guests can tap into free wifi, there will be convenient mobile charging stations throughout the hotels – Hotel Jen restaurants will focus on fresh food with grab-and-go counters offering snacks during the day.

“Hotel Jen we will broaden our range of guests and attract more travellers looking for distinctive experiences of local interest and character, as well as appeal to families and those who want a more independent, yet friendly and personable stay experience,” said Hotel Jen’s chief operating officer Lothar Nessmann.

“We definitely want to retain our existing customer base, who have been extremely loyal to us, but we also recognise that their needs have changed and today’s guests want more flexibility as busy non-traditional work hours tend to blend the boundaries between business and leisure.”

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