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I LOVE ice cream, but ice cream doesn’t love me.

I have a pesky allergy to the icy treat which demands I give all but dairy-free gelato a miss.

But there are rare occasions when I just can’t resist so I do my sums, decide if I can risk a migraine, and order a scoop or two of the most decadent ice cream I can find.

Most of the time that calculation takes place when I’m in one of those locations that deserves to be admired while enjoying a scoop of something very cold, like today when I was passing through Sydney’s Circular Quay on my way back from a ride across the harbour.

It was knock-off time – workers were swarming across the Quay to the trains and ferries that would take them home after a long day on the tools and tourists dashed for hotels after hours of heavy sightseeing – and there was a Royal Caribbean vessel ready to set sail for the high seas.

So I rolled the dice, bought a scoop of mint ice cream which sat on a pile of berry gelato, and found a seat to watch the hustle and bustle happening between the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

And, boy, did I enjoy it – both the view and the ice cream.


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… posted Sunday, April 3, 2016photography Sarah Nicholson graphic


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