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Travel photo album ... Australia's Gallipoli

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TO mark Anzac Day 2016, the 101st anniversary of the moment Australian soldiers waded ashore on a Turkish beach,  I have fished out photos from my 2012 visit to the Gallipoli Peninsula with Bunnik Tours.

I spent a couple of emotional hours at Anzac Cove – walking beside the long lines of graves at Ari Burnu and Lone Pine, standing on the sand at the landing beach, wandering the trenches that mark the location of the fierce August Offensive fighting, and gazing across the peninsula from The Nek – and seeing that parcel of land gave me a better understanding of what went on at the place responsible for a young Australia’s “baptism by fire”.

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There are spirits there, no doubt about it, and with so many Australian sons “lying in the soil of a friendly country” it was a place that touched me deeply on the day and continues to haunt me.

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