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A FRENCH explorer and renowned silk merchant have inspired two grand new guest villas at Siem Reap’s Anantara Angkor Resort.

The jewel in the hotel’s crown is the sprawling Henri Mouhot Suite — the serene space celebrates the intrepid naturalist and adventurer credited with uncovering the lost Angkor ruins back in the 1860 — and the two-bedroom retreat is able to accommodate up to six guests.

The elegant Anantara Explorer Suite is slightly smaller, with only one bedroom it’s big enough for three people, and the aesthetic was inspired by Jim Thompson who is celebrated for saving the Thai silk industry back in the 1950s and 60s by establishing a fabric company that’s still in business today.

The new additions to the hotel’s inventory are “meticulously designed to accommodate the requirements of the most discerning clientele” with both spaces “reminiscent of a Khmer summer home” giving travellers a bygone sense of place while exploring the ancient capital.

“For Thai designers Abacus Design the glamorised era of discovery by western explorers of the largest religious monument in the world during the 19th century inspired the interiors,’’ a hotel media release explains.

“They are the epitome of richness and old-world sophistication with imported Thai silk and fabrics overflowing throughout, draping the furniture in bold colours and lustrous appeal, and there are ample indoor and outdoor living spaces to comfortably accommodate families of small groups.

“Both suites feature a lounge and bar area complete with wine humidor, two dining areas, marble bathrooms, bathtub and oversized rain shower, dressing room, a private spa room with massage area, and a plunge pool in an enclosed private garden.”

The unveiling of the two new suites comes in the wake of a renovation that not only transformed Anantara Angkor Resort — a boutique property located on the road connecting Siem Reap with the international airport, a stone’s throw from the heart of the tourist settlement — but made it popular with travellers looking for a place to stay boasting the comforts of home.

Visit the Anantara Angkor Resort website

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… posted October 13, 2017FNOH photo credit supplied

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