The Greg Mortimer, named after our co-founder, utilises some of the latest advancements in naval design & technology to revolutionise the small ship expedition cruising experience.

Aurora Expeditions fact sheet


AURORA Expeditions new ship the Greg Mortimer is one step closer to carrying her first passengers with the vessel completing sea trials this month.

The process tested everything from speed and vibration to noise levels before the boat’s inaugural voyage to Antarctica on October 31.

Aurora Expeditions, Greg Mortimer sea trails ...

“We have worked in close partnership with our expedition team to design the Greg Mortimer,” explains Aurora Expedition’s managing director Robert Halfpenny.

“Our X-Bow means faster travel, lower fuel consumption, virtually no vibrations and disruption to wildlife which is extremely important for the remote and wild destinations we travel to.

“We have included some innovative features — the ship has a Tier 3 engine which is the lowest pollution marine engine in the world giving off 80 per cent less emissions — and it is built to surpass environmental protection requirements and features unprecedented safety levels.

“It also features sea level zodiac and activity loading platforms, plenty of dedicated observation decks, and outdoor viewing areas to allow passengers to get up close to nature.

“It also has virtual anchoring technology allowing the ship to hold its position using its own propellers and thrusters so it does not disturb the delicate marine life on the seafloor.”

Aurora Expeditions, Greg Mortimer sea trails ...

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