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Where …

Flying above the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island in a Singapore Airline’s 777 on approach to Wellington’s airport.

When …

Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 1.31pm

What …

The journey from Canberra to Wellington takes my Singapore Airline’s flight right over the Marlborough Sounds with the settlement of Picton passing below the aircraft’s port-side wing.

Only a couple of years before making this flight I was down on the ground exploring the South Island’s north by land and sea and spent a day travelling around Queen Charlotte Sound, the branch closest to Picton, with the local mailman who makes deliveries by boat.

There are people living around Queen Charlotte Sound that can only be reached by water or on foot and they rely on the mailman to deliver everything from mail to building materials with a single circuit so extensive it takes hours to complete every afternoon.

Visit the Singapore Airlines website

→ READ MORE … On the mail run


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