Saigon afternoon storm …

Afternoon rains at Sagon's Villa Song ...


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Where …

Room 101, Villa Song Saigon

When …

Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 3.09pm

What …

I love the afternoon thunderstorms that sometimes sweep across Saigon at this time of the year.

Puffy white clouds begin to bloom and bellow after lunch, reaching high into the sky, and while most harmlessly collapse some turn into storms dumping buckets of rain in just a few minutes.

The downpour is accompanied by a chorus of thunder, extended rumbling that sounds like a plane rolling down a runway, and bolts of white lightning are barely visibility against the cloudy backdrop.

This weather doesn’t spoil the afternoon.

I simply pause for the few minutes while the cell is overhead, hiding under an umbrella by the pool or sitting on my bed with the doors to the garden open to let in the sounds of the rain and rumbling.

And, for another perspective, here’s a video I captured from the doors that opened my room to the little courtyard garden.

Visit the Villa Song website

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… posted on Monday, August 6, 2018photography by Sarah Nicholson


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