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Where ...

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and one of South America’s most vibrant cities.

When …

I visited for three days in December 2016, breaking the journey from Australia to Ushuaia to interrupt the long trip either side of my voyage to Antarctica.

What …

It is my second call on Buenos Aires but because I’m with a group of first-time visitors I join in to explore the touristy corners of the Argentinian capital and spend time surveying La Boca, Recoleta, the city’s cathedral, the waterfront and a few other sites around the settlement.

The highlight, afternoon tea at La Biela which is a traditional Argentinian cafe a stone’s throw from Recoleta’s notorious cemetery with the handscome eatery famous for its breakfast menu and a long list of very fancy caffeinated beverages.

Visit the Buenos Aires website

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… posted Wednesday, November 28, 2018photography by Sarah Nicholson


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